Impact Door and Window Installation Services

Glass doors and windows are often made with aesthetics in mind. And for good reason—they are eye-catching, modern, and can easily fit into any space. Their popularity isn’t a surprise, but their often-tumultuous constitutions will be a shock to many.

At Monolith Construction, we strive to set you and your family up with the highest quality home appliances, utilities, and materials out there. That said, we don’t usually recommend standard glass doors and windows. They are distressingly fragile and accident prone.

Thankfully, there’s a solution—impact doors and windows. These alternatives are indistinguishable from the standard options, but they exceed them in numerous ways.

Below, you will find a breakdown of why impact doors and windows are right for you and why our staff at Monolith Construction is your best bet for consultations, installations, and much more.

Stronger, More Durable, and Just As Eye-Catching

Impact doors and windows can benefit everyone. Our supply is courtesy of PGTWindows — they are a Florida-based manufacturer that produces the best impact-resistant glass materials in the business. These materials are built to stand firm against even the most imposing forces, like floods, storms, and similar natural disasters. As a result, you won’t need to worry about your window’s durability, regardless of the impact or force thrown at them.

The demand for durability-focused glass has grown as the number of natural disasters has increased. If you live on the east coast, we strongly recommend investing in impact-resistant glass materials. It can make an enormous difference in worst-case scenarios. And these panels use air-tight construction, which means that should water damage present itself, next to none of it will make inside of your home. The resulting savings in restoration costs have the potential to be enormous.

But these panels aren’t just useful for braving storms and floods. They can add to your home’s overall security as well. Too often, standard glass doors and panels are intruder’s go-to entry points. Their fragile construction and sub-par lock mechanisms don’t pose a challenge to determined bad actors.

As you may have guessed, this isn’t the case with impact-resistant windows and doors. The blunt force from objects like hammers and bats won’t be nearly enough to break through these panels, and our locks are industry-leading as well, which further adds to you and your family’s safety.

And perhaps the best part of our impact-resistant products is their looks. You won’t be able to tell the difference between these panels and conventional options. In fact, because of their professional-grade laminated designs, which are fully insulated as well, they have a unique, high-quality look all their own. Aluminum, vinyl, and tempered glass are melded together to create a product with a design pedigree that handily matches performance.

Comprehensive, Modern Window & Door Renovations

Free Consultation

Monolith Construction—Installations and Consultations

We’re a passionate group of leaders, technicians, and engineers. Our skillsets are broad, which means we can handle any installation, restoration, or long-term project you have in mind.

It all starts with a consultation. Here, we will gauge your needs and guide you towards the final product. Timetables are flexible so that you can have the best work completed on your own time.

Our glass installations are simple, fast, and effective. To protect your home and family from would-be intruders, life-changing natural disasters, and whatever else the future may have in store for you, contact us at your earliest convenience.


No matter what mother nature throws at you we’ve got you you covered. Our impact resistant windows and doors far exceed industry standard guidelines.


We use multiple panes and laminate coatings so our windows will not only keep out the weather but you and your family will sleep like a baby.


Due to our high standards our impact glass is second to none. This will not only protect you from the elements but from intruders as well.


Utilizing proprietary technology our windows and doors not only keep out projectiles and intruders but block the harmful UV rays from the sun as well.