The renovation process is simple. Our contractors will shoulder the majority of the specifics, and once the nitty-gritty is sorted—things like measurements and specific deficiencies—our technicians will get to work on improving the area tenfold.

Kitchen Renovations with Monolith Construction

One of our most requested services is kitchen renovation and it just so happens to be one of our many specialties. Our technicians can provide any renovation-based service one could think of, be it improving a damaged shower or completely overhauling a kitchen’s countertops. Furthermore, any renovations we complete are guaranteed to greatly exceed the quality of the kitchen that preceded it.

Fast, Efficient Installations

Renovating a kitchen, while sometimes necessary, is an obtrusive process. It can often mean that someone is kept from a crucial aspect of domestic living for weeks at a time. Not so with our renovation services. We strive to pair excellent performance with a remarkably fast pace, meaning our clients can have their fully-renovated kitchen in working order in as little as a few days. This expedited pace has no bearing on the quality of our work—far from it.

We employ cutting-edge installation software to get jobs done fast and with better results than any other competing service. Even the most resource-intensive jobs, like full replacements from flooding or severe water damage, can be completed in no time at all. A general estimate of a project’s overall timeframe will be given after a client’s initial consultation.

Free Consultation

Experienced Contractors and Technicians

The incredible results we offer wouldn’t be possible without an equally incredible team. Our staff is composed of passionate, driven individuals with a broad range of skills and specialties. As a result, our team is able to answer any questions you may have about the renovations process. Additionally, we can guide consumers towards the best renovation services we offer for their kitchen, effectively leading our customers towards the best overall package for their specific needs.

Easy and Affordable Consultations

Speaking of which, our consultations are stress-free and fast, not unlike the actual renovation process it yields. Other services will require you to work on their time and require costly consultation fees up front. We buck this anti-consumer trend, offering fully featured and immensely detailed consultations at no cost to you.

We’re confident that the quality of our service will speak for itself, so we aren’t concerned with losing out on lost time by providing you with a free consultation.

Are you ready to start your next project?