Renovating a condo can be an arduous and time-consuming process. Our engineers, project leaders, and technicians at Monolith Construction know this all too well, and have made it our goal to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want out of their renovation without any of the associated headaches.

Comprehensive and Modern Condominium Renovations

Any renovation project should far exceed the original model. In spite of this, it’s far too common for clients to walk away from their condominium renovation underwhelmed, having found that the lofty promises made by their inexperienced contracting company were just that—promises. To create a vastly more satisfactory remodeling experience, our team ensures that every appliance and adjustment made to the condo is one that offers tangible improvements to those that preceded them. In practice, this means every new appliance will be a modern iteration, and every new addition or change to the condo’s layout will be one that offers an assortment of actionable benefits.

Our team of technicians knows the ins and outs of every condominium board out there, which means the improvements and updates we include with our renovation packages are certified and safe for your residence. We also ensure that we have our facts straight before the process begins, which means that complications and yellow tape will be swiftly dealt with before they have the chance to slow down the process.

Free Consultation

We Work On Your Schedule

Renovations take time. Where most other services go wrong is how they outline unrealistic results at an impossible pace. Our team will provide clients with a realistic and meticulously crafted project outline that will take you from our first step to our last in a clear and concise manner. We want our clients to be fully informed of our every action and will take any step necessary to make our team’s project timetable one that is contoured to our client’s schedule. With first-rate organization skills forged over decades of similar projects, our team leaders can have any client’s condo renovation completed in a timeframe that is fast, efficient, and crafted entirely around our their specific needs.

Cutting-edge Appliances and Installations

Our team aims to build up condos rather than tear them down—in practice, this means our team will implement fixtures, appliances, and renovations in an organic manner that preserves the spirit of a space without sacrificing the project’s overall impact. Be it improved lighting, new appliances, or more ergonomically crafted living spaces, our technicians can create an artisan-quality condominium from even the most humble of starting points.


Stress-Free Consultations

To ensure that the client’s input prevails above all else, we offer a comprehensive consultation prior to the project’s starting point. Here, our team will get a feel for what a client wants and what specific areas of their domestic life they need to be enhanced. It’s here where our technicians begin the planning phase and work out the specifics for the project to come—should the process be focused on opening up closed off spaces, updating appliances, improving lighting conditions, or all of the above? The initial consultation is where we work out these fine details, and take care to do so with client input above all else.

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