Our service is fast and efficient, devoted to providing a bathroom renovation that exceeds our client’s expectation in every area. Our passionate technicians, experienced team leaders, and driven support staff go the extra mile to deliver an exemplary service at every intersection of the project, keeping clients informed, satisfied, and impressed.

Bathroom Renovations with Monolith Construction

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any residence. Not only is it one of the most frequently used areas, but it’s also an intensely personal space. Keeping it in top shape is on every homeowner’s to-do list, something our team at Monolith Construction understands. In accordance, we’ve outfitted our team with the perfect set of skills to get any bath-oriented project—be it a repair, renovation, or restoration—completed in no time at all.

Repairs, Remodels, and Renovations

Bathrooms are a unique area of construction, as there is a vast assortment of projects that can take place within them. We have clients request everything from repairs to comprehensive overhauls that make the space completely indistinguishable from what it once was—regardless, our team is ready and willing to tackle any challenges. We see large projects as daunting tasks to be overcome and small repairs as opportunities to fine-tune our already exhaustive skillset. All of that is to say that no matter what service piques a given client’s interest, they will receive an industry leading final product.

We offer repairs for plumbing, fixtures, countertops, and flooring. Not only that, but we can remove any amount of mold, regardless of where it’s forming, in no time. For renovations, we offer a bevy of cutting-edge installations and technology that can make a bathroom feel like an entirely new space. And lastly, our remodeling services can assist clients in completely altering the layout and floor plan of a bathroom, making it larger, more compact, or more ergonomic in accordance to their specifications. All of our services place client’s needs at the forefront of the project, ensuring peerless satisfaction with our team’s output.

Free Consultation

Comprehensive Water and Flood Damage Services

Given the recent string of floods and hurricanes that have occurred in the United States, we have received an overwhelming amount of requests for water and flood damage restoration services from clients. Our team takes immense pride in knowing that we can make tragedies and misfortunes more bearable for our clients, and we will go to every extreme necessary to ensure that any significant damage caused by weather or natural disasters are eliminated entirely. Even better, we will do so in a manner that is unobtrusive to client’s day to day activities and schedule, ensuring our technicians and handymen are only operating during hours where they aren’t creating complications for our clients.

A Simple Process from Beginning to End

After a client first reaches out to us, we take initiative from there on. During our free consultation, we will get an idea of what a client wants from the bathroom renovation and tailor our process, installations, and timetable to their specific needs. While the process is being carried out, we take great care to ensure that our clients are kept in the know every step of the way. To get started with a bathroom renovation, repair, or restoration, all one needs to do is contact us at their earliest convenience.

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